christina noélle

vienna, austria

christina is a self-shot-artist, born and raised in vienna. she continues her passion of photo expression with confidence in female playfulness and sexuality.

desirée mabrier

vienna, austria

desirée is a mainly digital media covering artist, but she also uses painting and mixed media installations to unveil our society's hidden desires.

nika kokurina

kiev, ukraine

nika is inspired by people, different fantasies, and fairy-tales. her works are the mix of real people and mythical images.

claus rose

jena, germany

claus has developed a passion for the magic of nude photography, lending the model an aura of aesthetics and grace, combined with symbols of eroticism.

ismaël desna

barcelona, spain

paris, france

ismaël is a nude & conceptual french photographer, working between paris and barcelona since 2015.
for his photography work ismaël defines himself at the crossroad between fashion and erotism, between mainstream and underground.


copenhagen, denmark

spurv is a sexual playground for gay men. it is a type of erotica with an artistic touch where sex, fetishes and fantasies meet to create strong, powerful images.

jeroen van der lubbe

vlissingen, the netherlands

photography, the most beautiful way to express my endless flow of fantasy, creativity and my point of view from today´s world.
finding the creativity in the image, my way of living this world.

fred artshuhbawld

paris, france

fred believes in the power of queer art, because it brings pride and invites to embrace diversities.


bologna, italy

„I love the lines that tell something. maybe more than people.“ (fasto)